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My Morning Keto Smoothies for people who have food sensitivities

As I have mentioned in past articles and videos on this website, the benefits of a ketogenic diet are fantastic. A diet filled with healthy fats provides better health for your brain and mitochondria, and decreases inflammation.

Today I wanted to show you my personal recipe for a keto-friendly smoothie or shake that I have in the mornings.

The first main ingredient in my smoothies is a product by Bulletproof called Brain Octane. It is essentially caprylic acid, which goes straight into your mitochondria and provides you with energy.

I also use an organic super greens mix I order on Amazon. It has a mix of 50 different organic certified vegetables. Next I use a collagen powder that also includes medium chain triglycerides (or MCT).

I also throw in a few tablespoons of fish oil, as well as a nitric balance mix to help with oxygenation.

The last ingredient I use is very critical: coconut milk. I have been searching for a high quality coconut milk for quite a long time. Canned coconut milk can often have a bad taste. I recommend the brand Good & Gather’s unsweetened organic coconut milk.

Some of my ingredients have chocolate and/or vanilla flavors added to them. These products can come in a wide range of flavors, so choose which ones work best for you.

First I add some brain octane and super greens to the blender. After that goes in my collagen/MCT mix, followed by the coconut milk and the fish oil. Lastly I’ll add the nitric balance, some water and ice cubes, and then blend it up.

You may want to start out by measuring out the serving sizes on the labels. I add the ingredients by eye, at this point.

After blending it all together, just pour it into your glass or container of choice and enjoy!

This recipe, to me, tastes like McDonald’s milkshakes from back when I was a kid. But unlike those unhealthy McDonald’s shakes, these are pure nutrition. These shakes will help brain function, decrease inflammation, and help your body perform the functions it needs.

If you want some more nutrition information to help you in your healthy eating journey, feel free to schedule a consultation with me today.


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