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Keto Fat Bomb Recipe


• 300 grams of cocoa butter

• Cocoa chocolate 60%

• 1 stick Kerry Gold butter

• Lots of MCT oil (Now Brand)

• 200 grams of Coconut oil

• 300 grams of macadamia nuts

• 8 full droppers of stevia (Amazon)

• 1 teaspoon organic vanilla extract

• 1 scoop Paleo Protein


1. Mix the butter and oils under low heat for three to five minutes.

2. Once the mixture cools, add the stevia drops and vanilla extract.

3. Pour the fudge into 8-ounce wide ball jars.

4. Spread the nuts evenly across all jars.

5. Refrigerate until the fudge reaches the desired consistency.

6. Enjoy your keto fat bomb and start feeling healthier immediately!


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