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Conquer Neuropathy's Grip: Regulate Insulin and Revitalize Your Nerves!

Introduction: Unmasking the Sinister Effects of Neuropathy

Are you fed up with neuropathy's relentless assault on your life? It's time to pull back the curtain and expose the truth. Take a gander at this eye-opening illustration, which reveals the insidious nature of neuropathy. On the left side of the image, there's a depiction of a foot – your foot, to be exact – with a sinister red zone that highlights the site where nerves are withering away and inflicting pain. Shift your focus to the right side of the image, and you'll spot the actual physical nerve, sprinkled with tiny red specks. These ominous dots represent the dying and decaying myelin sheath, a prime accomplice in neuropathy's reign of terror.

The Fasting Insulin Test: Your Secret Weapon Against Neuropathy

It's time to unveil a critical test you absolutely must take – the fasting insulin test. In the accompanying visual, you'll find the insulin levels of one of my clients, indicated by a red arrow pointing at a staggering 41.8 – a level that's off the charts. For reference, the standard insulin level range spans from 2.6 to 24.9, with research suggesting that the sweet spot lies between 5 and 6.

neuropathy pain

High Insulin Levels: The Five Horsemen of Nerve Destruction

Scientific research has unmasked high insulin levels as a key instigator of five harmful effects, which include:

1. The Inflammation Inferno:

Skyrocketing glucose levels fan the flames of inflammation, ultimately incinerating nerves and causing irreparable damage.

2. AGEs: The Silent Assassins:

Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) are stealthy proteins lurking in your bloodstream, waiting for the perfect moment to strike and wreak havoc on your nerves.

3. The Relentless Siege of Chronic Inflammation:

High insulin levels wage a continuous war of attrition, engulfing your body in inflammation and creating a stronghold for diseases like neuropathy to fester and thrive.

4. The Stranglehold on Blood Flow:

By constricting blood circulation to tissues in your extremities, like your hands and feet, high insulin levels only serve to tighten neuropathy's grip on your life.

5. The Downfall of the Myelin Sheath:

Finally, the myelin sheath, the guardian of your nerves, is left defenseless and in ruins as high insulin levels cause it to crumble and decay.

Final Thoughts: Rally the Troops and Spread the Word

Empower Others to Battle Neuropathy:

If this information has armed you with valuable insights, don't keep it to yourself. Rally your comrades by liking, commenting, and sharing this content with those you care about. By spreading awareness, you can help others join the fight against neuropathy and march toward a healthier future.


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