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Chronic pain & Inflammation ~ the importance of Omega 3 fish oil for proper cell membrane health

The Importance of Fish Oil Supplements for Your Health

Improving Cell Membrane Function

Let’s talk about the benefits of fish oil, and why everyone should be taking it, especially if you have chronic problems with digestion, pain, and inflammation. To understand the importance of fish oil, and the omega-3 fatty acids present in them, we need to understand what cell membranes look like and are made of.

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The human body is made up of around 100 trillion cells, each one of them with its own membrane. Our cell membranes are primarily made up of fats, particularly fats known as EPA and DHA.

Your average bottle of fish oil contains a combination of both compounds, making it an easy and convenient source of this necessary nutrient.

Both EPA and DHA are cured in shape, a sort of circular pattern with a tail. This shape is what helps provide structure to the cell membranes, creating a solid barrier without leaks. A lack of these compounds, on the other hand, may result in a cell membrane that does not function properly.

In fact, a significant lack of EPA and DHA can cause your cells to become “crusty,” rather than smooth. This can result in:

- Chronic pain

- Inflammation

- Fibromyalgia

- Digestive issues

If you suffer from these problems, then it’s likely your cells are not as flexible as they should be and instead are more crusty and hard.

I typically recommend anywhere from one to five tablespoons a day just to saturate these cells when they are in this condition. Taking fish oil supplements creates an influx of these omega-3 fatty acids, helping your cells to be more fluid and move.

Detoxifying Your Body

That circular shape of the EPA and DHA is what causes the cell to be fluid, allowing things to come in and out of the cell.

This is very critical. As your cells metabolize, they create waste. This waste needs to be removed from your cells and into your bloodstream so it can be filtered out and removed by your urine and feces. Not having enough of this oil means the waste remains inside the cell.

If you have pain, inflammation, or damage caused by toxicity, then the byproduct of that is only going to build up more and more, causing your condition to worsen over time.

In other words, fish oil is very critical to the functioning of your body’s detoxification pathways. As a reminder, we should use the bathroom two to three times per day, both bowel movements and urination. This is how your body eliminates the waste from your cells, which can only be removed if those membranes are also healthy.

A Final Note

Protecting Nerve Cells

The same principle is true for nerve cells. Wrapped around these cells is something called the myelin sheath. What do you think the myelin sheath is made out of?

If you guessed EPA and DHA, you’d be correct! EPA and DHA are equally necessary to protecting nerve cells throughout your body, and a lack of these fatty acids can cause damage to nerves and the myelin sheath and may even cause neuropathy.

Floxed the importance of enough Omega 3 fish oil for proper cell membrane health. Neuropathy!

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