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Mitch Ciprofloxacin Floxed Recovery. (Achilles 100% better) and full body neuropathy 98% GONE.

  • In a recent interview, a man named Mitch discussed his experience with fluoroquinolone toxicity (FQ), which occurred after he was prescribed Cipro for a suspected UTI. Mitch took six pills for three days, and a week later, he was prescribed doxycycline.

  • At work one day, he experienced shocking and burning sensations in his legs, which slowly spread throughout his body. He also experienced many other symptoms, including heart palpitations, bugs crawling on his skin, and depression.

  • Mitch found out about FQ toxicity online and read all the horror stories, which caused him to panic. For six months, he was essentially disabled and had a hard time walking, and experienced a lot of pain in his Achilles tendon, knees, elbows, and other joints.

  • He also experienced high anxiety, depression, and sleep issues. After two months of working with a health professional, he discovered that he was vitamin D deficient and had a mold issue.

  • He began taking vitamin D supplements and binders to address the mold issue, which contributed to his toxic state. He has since experienced significant improvements, including no pain, very little neuropathy, and feeling spiritual.

  • He's now a member of a church and making a film with them. Mitch believes that his FQ toxicity was a blessing and is grateful for his experience.