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Floxed & Fighting: A 71-Year-Old Lady's Courage Against Chronic Mold Infections

Unveiling the Hidden Dangers of Mold Inside Your Body

Mold is more than just a pesky growth on your bread or vegetables. It can infiltrate your body, causing serious health problems. Most people are unaware of this hidden danger lurking within them, especially those with weakened immune systems due to medical conditions or antibiotic treatments.

Hidden Dangers of Mold Infections for Floxed Individuals

The Case of a Courageous 71-Year-Old Lady

Let me share with you the story of a remarkable 71-year-old woman who came to me seeking help. She was a delightful lady who had been battling chronic urinary tract infections and a range of other health issues. Unfortunately, her pursuit of treatment within the conventional medical system had inadvertently compromised her body's ability to maintain good health.

Embracing Multi-Faceted Treatment Approaches for Floxed and Mold-infected Patients

Unmasking the Mold Infection

One ray of hope amidst her struggles was the fact that mold infections can be diagnosed and identified with relative ease. By conducting a urinary test, we discovered elevated levels of indicators associated with mold infection. Specifically, her gliotoxin levels were astonishingly high at around 3400, while the ideal range is below 200.

Recognizing the Symptoms

The symptoms of mold infection can vary depending on the specific type of mold affecting your body. However, two common signs to watch out for are chronic conditions that don't respond well to treatment and the notorious brain fog.

Decoding the Brain Fog Puzzle

Brain fog is a valuable clue indicating the presence of a mold infection and can even shed light on the particular mold strain involved. Certain molds, such as yeast, produce alcohol that enters your system and induces a brain fog similar to the haziness one experiences after consuming a glass or two of wine.

Embracing a Multi-Faceted Approach

The good news is that there's no one-size-fits-all treatment for mold infections. Taking a polytherapy approach that addresses not only the symptoms but also the underlying causes can significantly enhance your chances of reclaiming your health. By comprehensively treating your condition, we empower your body to heal itself and restore balance.

Reach Out for a Solution

If you're struggling with chronic conditions and suspect that mold may be a contributing factor, don't hesitate to contact me. Together, we can embark on a journey towards finding a personalized solution tailored to your unique circumstances.

Remember, mold infections are serious and should not be ignored. By taking proactive steps, we can conquer this hidden menace and restore your well-being.


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