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Mold side effects | Black Mold | High Inflammatory Markers

Identifying Mold Infections

Mold infections are very easy to miss when trying to diagnose chronic conditions. They are often overlooked by the conventional medical system as a potential cause of chronic problems. And yet if you have a mold infection, it makes it extremely difficult to treat your conditions.

Finding Mold in Your System

To showcase this, we will look at one of my past patients. This woman was a retired nurse who had been suffering from a chronic condition for decades. When she finally came to me seeking a polytherapy approach to her problems, I ran extensive blood work as well as an organic acid test. The latter is done via urine sample.

When we examined her results, we found that her levels of gliotoxin were at 25,539. They should have been less than 200. This signals an extraordinarily high level of mold in her body.

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Similarly, we found levels of Arabinose (a kind of yeast) which should be at levels lower than 29, were present in her system at a level of 95. Yeast produces alcohol as a by-product, which can cause symptoms similar to drinking alcoholic beverages, ie brain fog and fatigue.

dr hugh wegwerth chiropractor Rosemount Minnesota

Other Important Markers

We also looked for markers which typically indicate inflammation. Mold itself usually causes or exaggerates inflammation around your body. By identifying what else may be causing her inflammation, we can make it easier to treat the mold infection as well.

In her case, the organic acid test showed a C-Reactive Protein level of 72.13. The healthy range for this protein is 0 to 3. This particular marker at high levels is linked to increased risk of cardiovascular events (such as heart attacks).

dr hugh wegwerth chiropractor Rosemount Minnesota

We also saw that her blood sugar levels were at the top of the pre-diabetic range. Ferritin, an iron marker associated with inflammation, was also extremely high, meaning her body was storing too much iron. Fibrinogen, a final inflammatory marker we found, was more than double what it should be on the high end.

The Importance of Polytherapy

It is important to remember that she was a nurse in the conventional medical system for decades. None of these markers had been properly addressed during her time working in the medical field.

This is why it is important to look at a polytherapy approach outside of the standard system. Your body has a lot going on, and that makes it important to look around for a wide range of possible causes of your problems. In this patient’s case, we were able to create a plan that helped her heal. If you are suffering from a mold infection, chronic inflammation, or are struggling to diagnose what is going on with you, reach out to me and we can help get you on a personalized path to wellness.

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