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Master Your Glucose Levels: The Crucial 85-120 Range and How It Impacts Your Health

The Clear Cut Rule: Know Thy Glucose Numbers

Are you in the loop about your glucose digits?

Be on high alert, because these numbers are indispensable. Time for a brief overview: When we dive into the depths of glucose, the golden range lies somewhere between 85 and 120, whether you're stuffed with food or fasting. Yes, you heard right. 85 to 120, regardless of your meal status.

The Protocol to Gauge Your Glucose: No Pain, No Gain

Curious about a proper glucose check? You're in luck; I've crafted a comprehensive protocol. If you're game for a copy, drop a comment below, and presto! It's in your email. Here's a sneak peek: It involves jabbing your finger about 15 times daily.

You're probably recoiling, thinking, "Holy mackerel, that's intense!" And indeed, it is. But hold on! This finger-pricking frenzy lasts just five days. Half a week, and you'll gain stark clarity about your glucose health. No ambiguity, no gray zones, only black and white.

Deceptive Foods and the Glucose Spike Trap

Let's say you indulge in a bowl of oatmeal, an apparently healthy choice, but then, your sugar meter rockets up to 150 or even 160. This, my friends, is far from good. A gentle reminder: Your glucose gauge should read between 85 and 120, irrespective of your eating habits.

The Domino Effect: Excessive Sugar and Health Havoc

Here's a sobering truth: Every known illness thrives in an inflamed body swimming in sugar. Let's uncover the top four ticking time bombs that could detonate when your glucose shoots beyond 120.

Number 1: The Scourge of Diabetes and Prediabetes

First off, we have the infamous duo of diabetes and prediabetes, notorious for wreaking havoc in countless lives.

Number 2: Insulin Resistance and Its Ruthless Tag-alongs

Next, insulin resistance enters the fray, dragging along an inability to shed pounds and debilitating fatigue.

Number 3: The Metabolic Syndrome Menace

Thirdly, you could face metabolic syndrome, marked by stubborn belly fat that adamantly refuses to budge.

Number 4: PCOS – The Silent Foe of Women

Finally, for women, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) can become a daunting adversary.

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