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Blueprint for Total Health Turnaround
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Massive amounts of inflammation, found and fixed!

dr hugh wegwerth chiropractor Rosemount minnesota

  • Do you think you are suffering from inflammation? If so, this video is for you. I want to share the story of one of my clients who came to me with severe inflammation. Despite being aware of the issue, she had not received a proper diagnosis.

  • To address this, we conducted a C-reactive protein test. This test measures the level of inflammation in the body and helps us determine the extent of the problem. As you can see from the red arrow, her initial C-reactive protein level was 224, which is significantly higher than the desired level of less than three.

  • However, after just four months of working with her, her inflammatory marker had dropped to 3.93, as indicated by the green arrow. This decrease in inflammation has made a noticeable difference in her quality of life.

  • To help my client reduce her inflammation, I implemented a personalized IV drink protocol. This drink consists of magnesium powder, vitamin C, amino acids, and mineral drops, and she drank it every day in addition to other strategies.

  • If you are suffering from inflammation, know that there is hope. With the right support, you too can find relief and regain your quality of life.

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