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Is Your Brain On Fire? 🔥 Neuroinflammation Explained.

[00:00:00] neuroinflammation and is your brain on fire

[00:00:25] neuroinflammation

[00:01:35] Achilles tendon pain

[00:03:05] your brain to be inflamed.

[00:03:30] fatigue

[00:04:00] chronic fatigue

[00:04:30] brain fog.

[00:05:05] mental speed reduce brain endurance

[00:05:40] depression, inability to concentrate, especially for long periods of time, sleeplessness

[00:05:58] Horrible insomnia

[00:06:10] Lethargy, fatigue, lack of motion

[00:06:25] trembling and tremors

[00:06:30] neural inflammation

[00:06:40] lost balance

[00:07:15] blood brain barrier permeability.

[00:08:50] fluoroquinolones blood brain barrier.

[00:09:35] fluoroquinolones actually destroy the blood brain barrier

[00:09:50] what it destroys the mitochondria in your neuronal cells

[00:10:30] digestive system is broken down

[00:11:45] blood brain barrier is one cell thick

[00:12:00] sensitivity, inflammation.

[00:12:40] glial cells

[00:12:50] microglia

[00:13:40] glial cells oligodendrocytes

[00:13:45] microglia cells and the astrocytes, 90 percent of your brain tissue makes up the glial cells.

[00:14:15] inflammation or your brain on fire

[00:15:05] neural inflammation

[00:18:25] myelin sheath

[00:18:30] axons, your actual neurons to be inflamed.

[00:19:10] astrocytes

[00:20:20] microglia

[00:20:45] a lot of inflammatory markers

[00:20:55] Any concussions, micro strokes

[00:22:10] through functional medicine

[00:22:25] you can see when the blood, when the arteries broken

[00:22:50] and millions of these blood vessels

[00:23:25] endothelium.

[00:23:40] mitochondria damage, then the neurons on fire

[00:24:35] inflamed, this is your gut

[00:24:40] causing negative food reactions, gluten, dairy compromised immune system

[00:24:45] malabsorption

[00:25:00] totally destroyed and then their brains are totally destroyed

[00:25:15] no gas, no bloating, no diarrhea, you don't have to take any heartburn medication. that's normal.

[00:25:20] leaky gut

[00:25:25] brains inflamed

[00:25:30] GI problem

[00:26:10] in your gut. And when your guts leaky they the bacteria literally go from your bloodstream

[00:26:15] your gut in your blood. This causes inflammation.

[00:27:00] vagus nerve

[00:27:15] digestive system

[00:27:47] Like these bacteria can actually travel from your from your gut, up your nerve, right up your vagus nerve right into your brain

[00:28:50] your neurological tissues

[00:29:50] Floxed are different

[00:30:25] You have a poly therapy case

[00:30:50] reduce neuroinflammation in your body

[00:31:20] vitamin D level

[00:31:25] the homocysteine level

[00:32:10] DNA

[00:32:35] to foods, gluten, dairy, eggs

[00:32:55] you have blood brain barrier breech.

[00:33:25] and destroying your brain tissue

[00:33:45] chemical sensitivities

[00:33:50] gas, no diarrhea

[00:34:00] function neurology

[00:34:15] What's your estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, your cortisol levels.

[00:34:35] hormones drop drastically

[00:35:25] telemedicine