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#1 protocol to reduce your inflammation levels!

  • One effective protocol to reduce inflammation levels is through monitoring your glucose levels. You can purchase a glucose meter on Amazon for only $30. This device measures your glucose levels, which should be within the range of 85 to 120 with or without food.

  • To follow the protocol, you need to take your blood sugar levels upon waking up, 30 minutes after eating, 60 minutes after eating, and 2 hours after eating. If any of these markers are over 120 or below 85, it means your sugar levels are causing inflammation and you need to address it.

Here's a step-by-step guide on using the glucose meter:

  1. Insert the test strip into the meter

  2. Take the lancing device and adjust the needle to prick your finger

  3. Collect a small spot of blood on the test strip

  4. Insert the test strip into the meter to see the results.

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