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Living with Lupus & Sjogren's: Jacki's Incredible Healing Journey from Chronic Pain to Renewed Life

The Struggle of Living with Lupus Diseases

In 2006, Jacki, a vibrant woman, was hit with the devastating diagnosis of lupus and Sjogren's syndrome. Her once active life came to a standstill. Every corner of her body was invaded by persistent inflammation - so severe that slipping rings on her fingers became an impossibility and shoes seemed like custom-made torture devices.

Each day was a battle, not against an external enemy, but her own body. Mundane activities like walking, waking up in the morning, or simply getting through a normal day became excruciating trials.

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Her medical team's response was a cocktail of potent drugs: methotrexate, a common chemotherapy agent to suppress the immune system; naprosyn to battle the inflammation; and Tylenol to numb the pain. Prednisone also became a constant companion over the years.

The issue? This treatment protocol wasn't a cure. It wasn't even a fix. It was a mere smokescreen, a band-aid on a deep, festering wound.

Jacki was determined to break free from this pharmaceutical prison. But every attempt to escape was met with fierce resistance from her symptoms, leading her back to the very medications she longed to leave behind.

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Confusion and despair clouded her path, until she came to us. We embarked on a comprehensive analysis of her situation, initiated detailed bloodwork, and uncovered potential root causes that had long remained hidden.

An action plan was devised - a health journey aimed at rectifying the root of her issues rather than merely shadowing them. The results? Nothing short of dramatic.

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Today, Jacki greets each morning with a surge of energy and a rejuvenated spirit. She proclaims, "I have a ton of energy for my kids. I teach, and I'm loving life."

She continues to express her awe, "It's been wonderful. I never knew that something so simple could make such a difference in my health, in how I feel about myself, and everybody is noticing how different I look."

Jacki’s Sunrise: A Life Reimagined & Natural Strategies to Reduce Lupus Inflammation

Her metamorphosis didn't stop at physical wellbeing. Nights once plagued with pain became serene. Her hair grew lusher. An improved ability to focus propelled her through her daily tasks in a timely manner.

"I was sluggish, and I was slow," she admits. Depression, another silent enemy she battled with medication, began to fade away. Today, she confidently states, she no longer needs those pills to navigate her day.

Jacki’s Call to Action and Promise of Hope

Jacki advocates beginning with a free seminar. She was weary of her compromised health and decided to take charge, attending a seminar with her husband. "It's like an hour and a half, 2 hours of your time. And I was blown away with what I had been doing that was making me sick. I had no idea."

Her healing journey has not only changed her life but also positively impacted her family. Her story stands as a beacon of hope for others facing similar battles.

We believe that together we can design health plans that improve your life quality just like Jacki's. Don't hesitate to reach out if you're grappling with health issues - we're here to co-create a robust health solution with you.

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28 juil. 2022

Absolutely wonderful story! Dr. Hugh, your just amazing. The world needs to hear more of these stories because so many desperate people are out there suffering. May God bless you today and always Dr. Hugh! You are making a difference with your gifts.

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