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Jacki's-Lupus, Sjogren's disease, depression and chronic fatigue ALL GONE!!!!

Here’s How Jacki Was Healed of Lupus, Sjorgen’s Disease, and More!

Jacki was diagnosed with lupus and Sjogren’s syndrome in 2006. Her entire body was experiencing chronic inflammation to the point that she could not wear rings on her fingers, and her feet had trouble fitting into her shoes.

On top of that, she was in a lot of pain. It pained her to walk, get up in the morning, and perform other standard daily activities.

To treat her condition, Jacki’s doctors gave her methotrexate, a drug commonly used in chemotherapy which suppresses the immune system. They also gave her naprosyn for inflammation, and Tylenol for her pain. She was also placed on prednisone for a number of years.

The problem with this treatment plan is that it does not actually treat the disease, or try to fix the problem. Instead, these medications really only mask the issue.

Jacki set a goal to get off of her many medications. But any time she attempted to get off of them, she would experience more flare ups and be told to take more of the medications.

When Jacki came to me, she did not know what to do. We did some bloodwork, and found some of the possible underlying causes of her conditions. We set her on a path to health to fix her medical issues, and she saw drastic improvements.

Now Jacki wakes up feeling energized and well-rested. “I have a ton of energy for my kids,” she said. “I teach, and I’m loving life.”

She continued, “It’s been wonderful. I never knew that something so simple could make such a difference in my health, in how I feel about myself, and everybody is noticing how different I look.

She has also experienced other positive side effects of her treatment. She no longer sleeps with pain. Her hair grows thicker. She has also been able to improve her ability to focus on her work and to-do list, and get her tasks done in a reasonable timeframe.

“I was sluggish, and I was slow,” Jacki said. She also suffered from depression, for which she also took medication. Jacki proudly shared that she no longer needs her depression medicines to get through her day.

Jacki recommends starting with a free seminar. She was tired of being unhealthy, and went to a seminar with her husband. “It's like an hour and a half, 2 hours of your time. And I was blown away with what I had been doing that was making me sick. I had no idea.”

Jacki’s health journey has made a world of difference for both herself, and her family. Working together, we can make similar health plans to help you improve your life, and your health. Please reach out to me if you are experiencing health issues, and we can try to come to a health solution for you.