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Chronic Joint And Tendon Pain | Could Be Autoimmune Disease Attacking Your Collagen

  • Hey, community! This is Dr. Hugh Wegwerth, and I'm here to share an awesome webinar with you. So welcome, good morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever you are in the world. I just got off an amazing call from a client in South Africa. I'm in Minnesota, in the United States, and I want you to know that if someone in South Africa can get better, so can you. Many people who come to me have chronic joint problems and chronic inflammation, and I want to go over autoimmune disease against your own body's tissues. There is a lot of research on this. Do you have an autoimmune disease against your own body's tissue? That's what today's video is about. Now, if you're watching this, give me a thumbs up and subscribe to the station. If you're listening to this podcast, subscribe and check below. Somewhere in this content, you'll find availability to get ahold of me if you want some guided program help. Because at the end of the day, where there's help, there's hope. You can get better; you just need a very specific guided program for you to get better. Let's get into this. I've been doing tons of research on this, and in my opinion, everyone who has a chronic condition has some component of an autoimmune disease. Now, if you have one autoimmune disease, the probability is that you have three or four other autoimmune diseases in your body that just haven't been diagnosed yet.

  • Let's go over some statistics. The statistics are crazy. Autoimmune diseases cost a hundred billion dollars to treat in this country versus 57 billion for cancer. That means roughly twice as much money is spent on treating autoimmune diseases versus cancer. Also, the prevalence of autoimmune disease is 23 million versus nine million for cancer. So more than twice as many people are suffering from autoimmune diseases. The problem is, when we talk about autoimmune diseases, there are a bunch of weird names like sjogren's disease, Hashimoto's disease, etc., that people don't understand. In contrast, cancer names such as brain cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer are straightforward. Another issue is that research funding for cancer is $61 billion versus $591 million for autoimmune disease. Women are more affected than men, with one in 12 women leading, one in 12, being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and one in 20 men being diagnosed. This is actually diagnosed by conventional medicine, but there are way more people with chronic autoimmune diseases that have never been diagnosed in this statistic.

  • What I'm going to discuss here is some new testing from Cyrex Labs. This test, specifically Array 5, checks if you have autoimmune disease against certain tissues in your body. It checks 24 different markers in your body, but for today, we'll focus on three autoimmune markers against connective tissue. Most of my clients who come to me have chronic joint pain, muscle pain, and inflammation. Thus, it's essential to figure out if you have an autoimmune disease and how extensive it is. This test checks for fibulin, collagen, and arthritic peptides. Fibulin checks for basement membranes and elastic fibers. Basement membranes are like cement, and elastic fibers are like ties. If you have autoimmune disease against these things, it could be rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, systemic scleroderma, etc. Collagen is the main component of connective tissue found in tendons, ligaments, skin, and abundant in cartilage, bone, blood vessels, and the gut. Arthritic peptides are associated with joints. This test checks to see if you have antibodies against these markers. If you do, your immune system will start attacking

Autoimmunity against your tendons

[00:00:00] this Dr. Hugh Wegwerth

[00:00:25] chronic joint problems, chronic inflammation

[00:00:30] autoimmune disease against your own body's tissues

[00:01:40] autoimmune disease cost $100 billion dollars

[00:02:05] the prevalence of autoimmune disease 23 million have it

[00:02:25] Sjogren’s disease, Hashimoto's disease

[00:03:05] rheumatoid arthritis

[00:03:10] psoriatic arthritis

[00:03:40] Cyrex array 5

[00:03:55] autoimmune markers against connective tissue

[00:04:30] Fibulin in collagen and complex and arthritic peptides

[00:04:55] connective tissue

[00:05:15] lymphocytes right here

[00:05:35] of this tissue marked as foreign

[00:06:15] eat gluten and that increases your immune response

[00:06:42] macrophage

[00:07:00] elastic fibers

[00:07:15] Basement membranes

[00:07:25] rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, systemic scleroderma.

[00:08:20] cement together

[00:08:35] collagen autoimmune attacking the tissue

[00:09:00] collagen is rebar like when they make a building

[00:09:26] basement membrane right here is the cement

[00:09:45] your connective tissue in your joints, your ligaments, tendons

[00:10:15] elastin the collagen

[00:10:30] collagen is starting to be broken, broken collagen

[00:10:50] these different collagen markers

[00:10:55] collagen and complex

[00:11:15] Collagen is found in tissues such as tendons, tendons, ligaments, skin

[00:11:25] eye, cartilage, bone, blood vessels, and in the gut

[00:12:00] A bunch of cracks in the cement

[00:12:20] arthritic peptides

[00:13:05] your immune system sees that and it comes in and it starts to attack

[00:13:20] autoimmune against the collagen

[00:13:45] glutathione or taking vitamin D

[00:14:10] bacteria, parasites

[00:14:15] nightshade.

[00:14:17] sensitive lectins

[00:15:05] insulin surges

[00:15:10] They're having high sugar levels, low sugar levels

[00:15:40] from South Africa

[00:15:55] do you have an autoimmune disease to neurological tissue

[00:16:05] immune disease against your muscles

[00:16:10] fibromyalgia

[00:16:15] adrenal glands