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Your GOD-given healing power, UNLEASH it NOW!

  • Healing is a power that comes from within, according to Dr. Hugh in Episode 47 of True Health Recovery. Dr. Hugh defines healing as the ability to tap into the amazing healing power that God has put into our bodies. This power is what heals cuts, beats our hearts, and allows our digestive system to function properly. When we have chronic health conditions, there is something that is interfering with this God-given ability to heal. The healing process is not complex and does not require a specific protocol. Instead, Dr. Hugh creates tailored programs that meet the specific needs of his clients.

  • Dr. Hugh believes that the simplest mechanism is always the best approach to healing. He acknowledges that there is a higher power, which he refers to as spirit, innate intelligence, or God. He believes that healing power is far superior to any human-made medicine. Dr. Hugh's job is to be a guide and figure out what small things, big things, or anything in between could be hindering a client's God-given ability to heal and function.

  • Dr. Hugh refers to his approach as a polytherapy approach. He takes a holistic approach to figure out what is not working, what is not functioning properly, and what is hindering the God-given ability to heal.

  • Dr. Hugh believes that we should never underestimate the body's ability to heal and function. He has seen difficult cases, and he has moved the needle to help his clients. As long as someone is breathing, there is a possibility that they can get help. Dr. Hugh believes that if we can figure out how to unleash that healing power, the body can heal and function. Dr. Hugh acknowledges that his job is not to do the healing, but instead, his job is to be a guide to help his clients access their God-given ability to heal.

  • Dr. Hugh's message is one of hope. He believes that where there is help, there is hope. Dr. Hugh encourages those who need help to reach out to him. He acknowledges that the internet is a powerful tool to spread information all over the world. Dr. Hugh's goal is to help as many people as possible. He believes that by helping one person, he can change the ocean, one pebble at a time.

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