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Nichole's Autoimmune Thyroid in Remission!

Functional Medicine Healed Nicole’s Thyroid Condition

Meet Nicole.

Nicole is a patient of mine who was initially diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease,a thyroid autoimmune disease. Her physicians in the conventional medical system did not prescribe any kind of treatment plan for her to improve. She came to me, and we set her on the path to healing. After nine months, she was almost completely healed.

When she came to me we ran some blood work and found a marker commonly associated with autoimmune disease was extremely high. This particular marker should be around the level of 9, and her labs came back closer to 4,600! Within five months we were able to get her down to 2,400.

hashimoto's thyroiditis natural solutions

hashimoto's thyroiditis natural solutions

She was suffering from chronic fatigue, struggled to lose weight, and had chronic GI systems. Now her GI issues have been rectified, she lost about 40lbs, and she sleeps significantly better.

She has also recovered from other symptoms such as hot flashes.

The biggest difference was who Nicole sought care from. The conventional system did nothing for her. When she came to me, we took a functional medicine approach to her conditions, addressing the specific problems that were underlying her condition, and saw significant improvements in a relatively short period of time.

hashimoto's thyroiditis natural solutions

A big part of functional medicine is finding out what is causing your problems, and then treating those individually. As a chiropractor, I cannot prescribe medications. Nicole’s path to healing was completely free of any kind of drugs that you would normally find prescribed by an endocrinologist.

Nicole’s advice to everyone is simple: “Take charge of your health. Don’t rely on just labs, like some doctors do, and come see [Dr. Wegwerth]. He’s great!”

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