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Hashimoto's hypothyroidism causes and solutions

what is hasimotos
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Depression, anxiety and the link to hypothyroid

Everything you need to know about your thyroid
  • We first took her test and it was 4,600. This is crazy! So, what does this tell you? It's telling you how aggressive and how many Pacman are going after the tissue. This is a high, high, high number. When we measure this, we can really determine how intoxicated the immune system is. This woman's immune system is intoxicated. I could go on and on about her problems - GI problems, constipation, diarrhea, brittle nails, no sex drive, thinning hair, poor skin, not feeling well, chronic fatigue. The number of problems this woman was having was endless. So, we put her on specific functional medicine programs that I'm trained in, and then we rechecked. Let me tell you something about labs - I like to recheck them because they don't lie. So, it was 4,600 and now it's down to 2,600 in just five months. That's a huge reduction. So, what are we doing with that lab?

  • We're actually sobering up the immune system and eliminating some of these Pacman on the thyroid so that they aren't eating the thyroid all the time. Here's another one of my patients. This goes back to 2004, but you can see that initially, she was at 222. Each of these dots right here, you see these dots? This is when we rechecked. So, over time, these antibodies will come down as the body starts to recover. From here to here, it was about 14 months to start sobering up the immune system to make it smarter. Now, let me tell you something. The research shows that if you have one autoimmune disease, you probably have three or four autoimmune diseases in your body. So, if you sober up your immune system, all those autoimmune diseases will start to diminish and go away.

  • Now, let's talk about Hashimoto's disease. What happens is the immune system attacks the thyroid. Envision your thyroid as a water balloon. These Pacman come and put a little hole into the thyroid. That little hole is going to seep water like a water balloon, and then you'll have a bunch of thyroid hormones running around in your bloodstream. Let's say you just had a big pasta meal, and you have a bunch of Pacman attacking your thyroid, putting little holes in it, and water is seeping out. This is going to represent your thyroid hormone in your bloodstream. So, when you have a huge attack, you'll have a lot of thyroid hormone, and you can actually feel like you're in a state of hyperthyroidism. Maybe your heart starts racing or you start to sweat a little bit. When the attack goes down, you can have hyperthyroidism problems. So, you can alternate from hyper to hypothyroidism problems when you have Hashimoto's disease. If you've gone to the doctor, and your thyroid medication has jumped all over the place, that's a sure sign that you have Hashimoto's disease.

  • Now, why don't medical professionals check this? There's nothing they can do. There's no drug they can give you to make your immune system smarter. They can't do tests if there's no treatment for it. They need justification to run this test. If there's no treatment to change their treatment protocols, they can't run it. For example, if you have Hashimoto's disease, they won't give you Levo or Synthroid, which are standard treatments. It doesn't matter if you have Hashimoto's or not in the conventional system.

  • The functional medicine approach, which is individualized and tailored to your needs, is very specific on how


[00:00] Hashimoto's hypothyroidism causes and solutions

[00:05] hypothyroidism

[00:10] Hashimoto's disease

[00:35] so you can weight gain fatigue, hair loss, anxiety, forgetfulness, infertility, dry skin, brain fog, GI problems, irritable skin

[01:15] most the most common cause of hypothyroidism

[01:30] comes from Mayo Clinic

[02:05] Hashimoto's disease.

[02:35] autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's disease

[02:55] had like rheumatoid arthritis

[03:45] your immune system

[04:20] when you have an autoimmune disease

[05:05] foe, friend or foe

[05:35] your immune system is always going to be more aggressive

[05:50] your immune system literally starts to attack your thyroid

[06:05] lupus is a connective tissue disease

[06:15] Irritable bowel and Crohn's disease, that's an autoimmune disease

[06:35] starts to attack in rheumatoid rheumatoid arthritis.

[07:30] sober up your immune system

[07:45] go over exactly what is Hashimoto's disease.

[07:55] thyroid peroxidase antibody (TPO)

[08:25] autoimmune disease

.[08:30] I'm talking your thyroid,

[09:15] thyroid peroxides antibodies

[10:15] could go on and on and on about her problems, GI problems, constipation, diarrhea,

[10:20] brittle nails, no sex drive, thinning hair, poor skin, not feeling [00:10:25:00] well, chronic fatigue.

[10:55] sobering up the immune system

[11:50] immune disease, there's a high probability that you have multiple autoimmune diseases

[12:45] gluten free.

[13:05] hormone thyroid.

[13:25] hyperthyroid

[14:00] from hyper to hypothyroid problems when you have Hashimoto's disease

[14:20] There's no drug that they can give you to make your immune system smarter

[14:45] Levo or Synthroid

[14:55] functional medicine approach

[15:20] It's a whole new set of tools, functional medicine

[15:50] autoimmune disease

[16:05] bathroom two or three times per day with no constipation, no diarrhea, no bloating

[16:20] have a GI problem