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I was Gas Lit By My Doctor~

In this episode, we have invited Tom, a brave person battling floxed condition. Under Dr. Hugh’s meticulous care, Tom is currently recovering at a steady rate prior to his careful medication. Today, Tom sheds light on the cruelty in the medical world and his resilience to free himself from the shackles of pain and suffering.

Dawn of Tragedy Tom was involved in an accident at the end of January. A tree branch hit his head inflicting post-concussion syndrome and sinus infection—eventually ruptured his eardrums after four weeks. He called his family doctor to diagnose his condition and was given a 10-day levofloxacin prescription. He was doing well until he experienced suffering worse than his concussion. He did the responsible thing to go to his family doctor’s office where he was diagnosed as bipolar—he was gaslighted.

Gaslighting is a psychological term where medical professional downplay your symptoms. Tom was not crazy but he was treated as such by the medical personnel. After an arduous defense about his personality for months, he concluded to not talk about any mental health issues with the medical community—he will be regarded as crazy if he does and it will be a glaring mark to his medical history.

Tom went to a doctor from a major university where she was able to alleviate some of his woes. He commended her job but it only went so far. He felt violated talking about her cognitive issues until he was able to find Dr. Hugh—now feeling a lot better.


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