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Are your Gastric Juices Up to Snuff?

  • This video is all about HCL: that's hydrochloric acid, folks. Allow me to share an eye-opening tidbit from none other than the renowned Cleveland Clinic.

  • Hypochlorhydria: The Ten-Dollar Word You Need to Know

    • They've got this term, Hypochlorhydria – it's a ten-dollar word for simply not cranking out enough hydrochloric acid. Now, if your stomach is running low on acid, you're in for a rough time digesting grub and soaking up nutrients. That means indigestion, malnutrition, and sometimes even pesky bacterial overgrowth like SIBO.

  • The HCL Challenge: Your At-Home Fix

    • But hold your horses, there's a nifty little at-home fix called the HCL Challenge, and it's on my website. If you're thinking you might be running low on HCL, give me a shout, and I'll shoot you the link. Hydrochloric acid is the real deal – it busts up carbs, fats, and proteins. 

  • Experience Speaks: The Underrated Importance of HCL

    • Now, after 24 years in this business, I've seen more than my fair share of folks lacking in hydrochloric acid, and they're plagued with a heap of GI troubles. Yet, hardly anyone's given this protocol a whirl. Try it now and reach out to me if you need more help on your gut health.


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