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Advanced Cholesterol Testing

Download the full report There is a common misconception that total cholesterol is bad. That is not actually the case. In this brief article, we will discuss what how understanding your cholesterol levels can help you get a better picture of your health status.

Using an advanced cholesterol test (such as one from LabCorp), we can examine the different levels of your LDLs (low-density lipoproteins). Research shows that LDL particles can promote the formation of fatty plaques around your arteries through a process called atherogenesis

LDLs can drastically vary in size, and an advanced cholesterol screening will give a particle number which correlates to that size variation, and amount of LDLs in your system. Large LDL sizes are less damaging than small ones, which are what cause plaque buildup along arteries.

This advanced test gives a specific breakdown of results, which can give you a clear understanding of your risk for heart disease. High numbers show small LDL particles, which can cause the buildup mentioned above, as well as inflammation. Low numbers show large LDL particles, which do not cause those problems

Looking at the example of this particular woman, we see she is very much on the low side of her LDL particle numbers. This means her LDLs are both a good size, and in a good amount.

If her results were different, what could she do to help her condition? That is where functional medicine comes in. We can work together to find a solution composed of various different lifestyle changes and treatments to help someone with high LDL numbers to get back to normal.