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The Key to Getting Well is Having a Clear Guided Plan

Are you frustrated and hopeless as you struggle to live every day with chronic health conditions?

Conditions We Specialize In

Prescription pill for Dr. Hugh's Rosemount, MN based Antibiotic Damage functional medicine care

Antibiotic Damage

Blood Sugar management tips from Dr. Hugh Wegwerth

Blood Sugar

Dr. Hugh's Rosemount, MN based Brain Health and Dysautonomia functional medicine care


Cartoon intestines for Dr. Hugh's Rosemount, MN based Gut Health functional medicine care

Gut Health

Cartoon virus and white blood cells for Dr. Hugh's Rosemount, MN based Autoimmune Health functional medicine care


Inflammation control for joints and organs


Cartoon red joints for Dr. Hugh's Rosemount, MN based Chronic Pain functional medicine care

Chronic Pain

Cartoon thyroid for Dr. Hugh's Rosemount, MN based Thyroid Health functional medicine care

Thyroid Health

Meet Dr. Hugh 

Functional Medicine Doctor

My Big Why!

It all started with a series of heart-wrenching events tied to my father. Overtaken by the medical system and burdened not just by his 400 pounds, but by the 16 different medications he took daily, he met a tragic end. Most devastatingly, he suffered a massive stroke and passed away on Mother's Day.

Dr. Hugh Wegwerth functional medicine specialist sitting in kitchen smiling at camera
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