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My dad's death by conventional medicine! Dead at 69 on 14 meds...

  • Hello everyone, Dr. Hugh here. Today, I want to share a very personal story about my dad. He passed away at the age of 69, taking 16 medications every single day of his life. And it breaks my heart to know that his story is not unique. It's a story of a broken system that lacks love, compassion, and understanding. A system that only offers drugs and surgery as solutions to health problems.

  • I get fired up talking about this because it's happening to millions of people, and it's not right. No one sat down with my dad and said, "Hey, let's work on improving your health. Here's what you can do to feel better." Instead, he was given medication after medication with no real solutions in sight.

  • I care about you, and I want you to know that you can be well. I represent a beacon of health and truth in my content, and I hope you can find a piece of truth and healing in my words. God has given our bodies incredible healing power, but it needs the right ingredients and guidance. And that's what I'm here for.

  • The current system has failed, but I'm here to offer you something different. I want to provide you with truthful information, delivered with love and compassion, to help you take control of your health. I see a bit of my dad's suffering in every person I meet, and it motivates me to do better.

  • Let's take away the confusion and spread light, truth, and healing. I'm here to say that there is hope, and where there's help, there's a way out. So if you're out there suffering, know that you're not alone, and I'm here for you.

  • Thank you for taking the time to listen to my story. Let's work together to create a better, more compassionate system for all. Take care and God bless.