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Proven Brain-Boosting Exercise for Dysautonomia Sufferers!

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Get Ready to Uncover a Powerful Brain Exercise for Dysautonomia

Allow me to explain. This is an eye exercise. Now, one thing you have to realize about your eyes: your eyes are probably the most advanced neurological system that you have in your body. So if you're suffering from some kind of dysautonomia, if you have any kind of concussions or if you've had your bell rung, you're going to want to do this exercise to try and calm down your brain.

Simple Eye Exercise: The Cross and the Dot

Very simply, you're going to want to print this out very easy. It's just a cross with a dot in the middle. Now, what you want to do is you want to put this piece of paper up on a wall roughly, so you're three feet away. Then what you do is you look straight at this dot right here. So you look at that. So I'm looking straight at that dot now with your eyes.</p>

<p>What you want to do is you want to go straight up and then down, looking straight at the dot on the wall down a few times and then over to the left a few times over to the right, a few times. And then you also want to do diagonal as well, diagonally and up to the dot.

Interpreting Your Results and Taking Action

Now, what should happen is you should be able to focus on that dot without taking your eyes off of that dot. Now, if you get anxious, if you get fatigued, if you get tired, if you get some kind of symptom, this is telling you that you have dysautonomia and you're putting too much stress on your neurological system.

This is a very simple home exercise that you can do to start rehabbing your brain up and rehabbing your eyes. If you think you have dysautonomia, make sure that you reach out to me because I have a quiz on my website that can help determine exactly where your dysautonomia is in your brain. If you've liked this content, please like, comment, and share this with a loved one.


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