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Unraveling How COVID-19 Affects Various Tissues

The Silent Sentinel: ACE2 Receptors

Let's get into the thick of it, folks. We're not going to beat around the bush. You see, our body is like an intricate fortress. You're probably wondering what makes it susceptible to an enemy, in this case, COVID-19. The answer lies in our very defense mechanism - the ACE2 receptors.

COVID-19 virus latching onto ACE2 receptor in human body

Imagine these receptors as watchtowers standing guard throughout the fort, monitoring everything. These towers aren't just in your skull, folks. They're in every nook and cranny - your mouth, heart, kidneys, lungs, pancreas, and all over your digestive tract. These green, satellite-like entities, as shown in this snapshot, serve as entry points for the virus.

The Siege: COVID-19’s Encounter with ACE2 Receptors

Remember that first image? We saw the green sentinel, the ACE2 receptor, in all its glory. This is where our intruder makes its move. Like a thief in the night, COVID-19 latches onto these receptors - gaining entry into your body's inner sanctum.

COVID-19’s Trojan Horse: The Spike Protein

This is where the story takes a twist. The virus carries a nifty tool, a spike protein - a key, if you will. It's roving around your fortress, searching for the perfect lock. Will it break into your brain? Only time will tell.

If it manages to infiltrate your brain, the key turns. If it makes its way to your lungs or your digestive tract, the key turns again. Once the key turns, the gate is open, the tissue is vulnerable.

COVID-19 exploiting weaknesses in human body

Exploiting the Weak: How COVID-19 Exploits Existing Weaknesses

Now here’s the kicker. Our fort is not always in the best shape. We have our weaknesses - brain fog, gut issues, you name it. When the viral key finds these weaknesses and breaches them, the problem intensifies.

If you had brain fog and the virus unlocked access to your brain, chances are your foggy head won't clear anytime soon. If you had some mild digestive symptoms and the virus got into your gut, you might be belching and bloating more than usual. Wherever the weak link, wherever the key unlocks the gate, there might be lingering issues in those tissues.

Strengthening Your Fortress: Building Your Immunity

But don't panic yet, folks. All is not lost. There are plenty of strategies to bolster your immune system and recover from this onslaught. Be sure to check out the wealth of information on my website. There's a treasure trove of knowledge awaiting you.


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