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Too Low Blood Pressure?

  • Can your blood sugar be too low? A lot of people go to the conventional system and get kudos or thumbs up for their blood pressure being so low. But at the end of the day, if you have too low blood pressure, this can be a significant problem. You need good blood pressure to make sure that blood is getting deep into the tissues to deliver nutrients. What I want to go over today is a case to show you what's happening.

  • When you're trying to get better, you need to take a polytherapy approach. One of the things I always talk about is making sure that you have low-hanging fruit connected, meaning you want to make sure the low-hanging fruit is working, and you grab that and then start moving forward. For blood pressure, the sweet spot is 120 over 80. Take your blood pressure in the morning, then stand up and take it again. If you have low blood pressure, monitor it for a period of time until it normalizes. If you're suffering from fibromyalgia, brain fog, or brain fatigue, you're not getting enough oxygen delivery to the muscles to heal them. Poor oxygen delivery will also affect the status of your mitochondria. Now, let me show you an actual live case of one of my clients.

  • She's a 71-year-old female who doesn't live in this country. On October 19th, her blood pressure went up, and she's doing much better now. We found a problem that no one else has found. If you have low blood pressure and you're slightly anemic, this will cause more problems down the road."