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Supplements Alone Won't Heal You: Discover the Real Solution

Hey community, this is Doctor Hugh. If you're suffering from a chronic condition and taking endless supplements, this is the webinar you need to watch. There will be a link somewhere here for you to watch the full webinar. Now, let's dive into what really works for chronic conditions. Spoiler alert: it's not just about supplements.

The Game We're Playing

It's Not a Supplement Game

If you think taking various supplements will cure your chronic condition, you're playing a losing game. I want you to win and recover. So, what do we do? We focus on lifestyle changes to improve your body's ability to heal and function. Supplements do play a role, but they aren't the whole solution.

The Triple Threat Approach

Your blood sugar levels should be between 85 and 120, with or without food. If your sugar levels are not stable, you won't get better. You can find specific protocols on my website to check if you have a hypoglycemic or hyperglycemic pattern.

High or low iron levels are a big problem. If you have too much iron (high ferritin), your body can rust from the inside, causing oxidative stress and free radicals. This needs thorough checking with about 15 different markers, which is not expensive.

Low blood pressure is another critical factor. If you have these issues, no amount of supplements will help because your body needs these basic things to function properly.

Essential Steps Before Supplements

Exercise is crucial, but if you can't move much, the chi machine can help. It gently moves your legs, promoting blood and lymph flow. It's a great start for those with limited mobility.

Surprisingly, vegetables might not be your best friend. Some people can't digest the fibers in vegetables, causing gut issues. A carnivore-ish diet, rich in protein, meat, and fruit, often helps in these cases.

Red light therapy can be a game-changer. Especially in a combination therapy, methylene blue and red light therapy can have amazing effects on the body. Red light therapy penetrates your skin and heals your mitochondria, the powerhouse of your cells. This therapy has no side effects and can be very beneficial.

If you have chronic sinus issues, it might be affecting your overall health. A device like Navage can help clear out your sinuses, reducing inflammation and improving breathing.


We haven't even talked about supplements yet, and already we've covered many critical aspects of healing chronic conditions. It's not just about what supplements to take, but understanding and addressing the root causes of your health issues.

Take Action Now

Visit my website for more detailed protocols and information on how to start your journey to better health. Remember, it's not a supplement game; it's about making the right lifestyle changes to support your body's natural healing process.


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