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POSITIVE connective tissue AUTOIMMUNITY found in labs

  • In this video, Dr. Hugh shares the results from a recent lab test of a client he has been working with. The client, a woman in her fifties, has been struggling with extreme chemical sensitivities, mold exposure, cognitive pain, brain fog, pain in joints and tendons, and vision problems. To determine what was going on, Dr. Hugh conducted an Array Five test, which checks for antibodies against 24 different tissues.

  • The test results showed positive autoimmune disease against the heart and arthritic peptide. Arthritic peptide is a chemical found in every joint and muscle in the body and can be associated with connective tissue problems.

  • The client also had a positive mold exposure and a low white blood cell count, indicating a run-down immune system. In addition, the test showed poor B12 absorption.

  • Dr. Hugh emphasizes that with guidance and a specific plan, there is hope for improvement. He encourages viewers to give the video a thumbs up, share it, and subscribe to his channel for more information and support. Remember, there is always help available.