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From Bedridden to Thriving: Misty's Incredible Journey

Amazing Transformation After Antibiotic Damage: FLoxed Treatment

Real-Life Journey to Recovery from Fluoroquinolone Toxicity

Hey there! If you're watching this, meet Misty. We're about to dive into her incredible journey. Misty’s had phenomenal results overcoming severe pain, and she graciously allowed us to share her story. This is for anyone out there who’s been hurt by antibiotics. Let's start with a normal call and hear her good news.

Misty's Big Turnaround: How to Recover from Being Floxed

So, Misty, tell us all the good news. You sent me an update about your pain. Let’s hear it!

Misty: I’m really amazed by the turnaround. I couldn’t get out of bed for almost a year. Just last month, after starting your program, I’ve been able to get out of bed. I even helped my daughter move the other day! It was a bit of a setback, but not really. My body wasn’t prepared because I’ve gone from being bedridden and out of shape to really physically exerting myself.

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Overcoming the Odds: Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Treatment

I have to say, this is incredible. This doesn’t happen for everyone, and results can vary. When I first saw your case, I thought it would be very tough because your lab results were what I call "pretty and clean." They weren’t lit up like a Christmas tree, so I expected challenges.

To make sure I understand, you were literally bedridden?

Misty: Yes, confined to my bed for over a year. Couldn’t even sit in a chair.

You couldn’t even sit in a chair?

Misty: I couldn’t hold myself up.

Journey Through Struggles: How to Heal from Floxing

Misty, you were like laying in bed all the time. I didn’t know it was that bad. Wow. And this was happening for a year?

Misty: Yes, I would start to get better. Off and on. I went through a little bit of physical therapy. They couldn’t really help me, and nobody knew what was wrong except for more testing.

Right, I understand that. And you've gone through a lot of testing, right?

Misty: Yes, I still have more coming up. I don’t know that I’m going to continue.

Right. Yeah, I would cancel those appointments.

Misty: I had a lot of damage to my back. At one point, I had 12 bulging discs. I have spondylolisthesis and spinal stenosis. Anything that can go wrong with the back, I have it now. I just wasn’t strong enough to hold myself up. But now I can.

Visible Improvements: Fluoroquinolones Toxicity Recovery

You look way better. Your complexion looks better. Your facial muscles are more toned. Everything's completely different.

Misty: Yes.

Awesome. Well, congratulations. That gives me goosebumps.

Misty: Thank you. I set a program out, and I knew you were bedridden. I didn’t try to overwhelm you with everything at once. Maybe just tell us what were the biggest things that helped you?

Misty: Prior to contacting you, I had started watching your videos and was doing the IV drink. It was helping, but I knew something was still missing. I thought the worst thing I was eating was chips or ice cream, but everything I was eating was making me sick. Mostly chicken. I would eat leftovers and try to eat seven cups of vegetables a day.


Misty: I thought I was doing the right thing, but I wasn’t.

Diet Changes and Impact: Supplements for Fluoroquinolone Toxicity

Explain what you changed in your diet.

Misty: You suggested the carnivorous diet with some fruit like peaches, apples, and pears. I felt better eating peaches, apples, and only beef. I would have some reactions, but not as bad as before. I had no idea it was not just my environment, but also what I was eating that was causing problems.

Yeah, hugely. I remember when we talked, your whole neck was cherry red, and your face was red. Today is June 25th, 2024. I sent this plan over on June 6th. So, it's been about two weeks.

Misty: Yes, almost two and a half weeks.

Physical and Mental Transformation: Floxed Treatment

You were in good physical shape before, but this last year, you gained 30 pounds and lost all muscle tone because you couldn't move without pain.

Misty: Yes, that’s right.

What’s your breakfast like now? People would be interested in knowing.

Misty: I changed my drink. At first, I didn’t like it, but now I drink it once in the morning or at night. I eat only meat, mostly ground beef, chuck roast, or steak. I did have pizza one night out of exhaustion and had a terrible reaction, but that’s not happening anymore.

Recovery Journey Continues: Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Treatment

It's interesting because recovery is full of temptations. People might recover and then give in to a temptation like cake, which can cause a setback. It’s all about tolerance and managing desires.

Misty: Yes, I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed eating vegetables or avocado. I had no idea about antihistamine foods that some people might react to.

I try to tell people that vegetables have poisons in them, and they look at me like I'm crazy. But you're the proof. This video will make a huge impact on people. The proof is in the pudding. You got better, and many others have gotten better quicker. You won't have to live in a bedroom your whole life. You're too young for that.

Misty: It’s really hard mentally to go from being able to do anything to not being able to do anything, even care for yourself. It’s hard being a burden on your family.

Path to Healing: How to Recover from Being Floxed

How did you initially get injured or damaged?

Misty: I never put the pieces together. My boyfriend got COVID, but I never tested positive. I went to the emergency room with sepsis from a kidney infection and got my first dose of Levaquin. After that, I kept getting kidney infections and back pain, resulting in more doses of ciprofloxacin and Levaquin over four years.

How many rounds did they give you?

Misty: At least four doses of ciprofloxacin and one dose of Levaquin.


Misty: It's scary and overwhelming. Doctors acted like I was crazy when I suggested my symptoms were due to the antibiotics. But I had to have someone help me get back to my car because I couldn’t walk.

Congratulations on your progress. That’s awesome.

Misty: Thank you.

Tools and Techniques: Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Treatment

Did you get the chi machine?

Misty: Yes, every day.

And the massager for your gut and red light therapy. How has that been going?

Misty: I had red light therapy before, but the chi machine helped even more. My legs and ankles were swollen, and using the machine helped me get out of bed again.

That’s insane. When people are bedridden, they don’t get proper blood flow or lymph flow. Describe the feeling when you use the chi machine.

Misty: It’s really relaxing. I try to meditate and calm everything down. That’s when I get the most benefit.

Awesome. You mentioned brain fog. How is that now?

Misty: It’s getting better. It was so bad that I felt like I had a stroke. I couldn’t come up with words. It's still not 100%, but much better.

Vision and Sleep Improvements: Floxed Treatment

And your vision issues?

Misty: Those are still there, but I’m not giving up hope.

We’re only two weeks in. We’ve got time. Did you do Epsom salt baths and eat something at night to monitor your blood sugar?

Misty: Yes, every night before bed. It really helps, especially for my back.

A lot of people wake up at 3 a.m. because their sugar levels drop. Eating enough protein helps prevent that.

Misty: Yes, that stopped happening. Thank God.

Continuing the Program: Supplements for Fluoroquinolone Toxicity

Here’s what we should do. Since we're on a winning streak, let's not change much. Getting protein will rebuild your protein deficiency. We'll have another call in three weeks and see where we're at. Then we can add things like fish oil for cell membrane health.

Misty: Thank you. I’m not complaining.

You're doing a great job, and your video will make a huge impact on people. Anything else to add?

Misty: Just that I’ve been doing cupping on my back and using a gua sha.

Cupping on the back with those handheld rubber ones from Amazon?

Misty: Yes, to get the blood flowing.

And the gua sha?

Misty: It’s a handheld stone used to scrape muscles. If the muscle shows up red, there’s inflammation. I’ve used it on my back, legs, and ankles.

Can you send me that link?

Misty: Sure.

How often are you using the chi machine?

Misty: Every day, sometimes twice.

Looking Ahead: How to Heal from Floxing

I don’t have anything to add to your case right now. Keep doing what you’re doing. We’ll have a call in three weeks, and I’ll add a few elements for neurology. Your blood sugar and blood pressure.


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