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Blueprint for Total Health Turnaround
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Improve brain health with eye exercises that stimulate neurons & muscles. Helpful for Dysautonomia

Printout the exercise with a dot in the center and lines around it.

Step 2: Focus on an object

Focus on an object, such as the therapist's head.

Step 3: Understand how your eyes work

Understand that your eyes are an intricate organ system that needs correct nerve innervation to function properly.

Step 4: Fixate on the dot

Fixate on the dot in the center of the exercise.

Step 5: Move your head

Move your head up and down while keeping your eyes focused on the dot.

Step 6: Repeat the exercise

Repeat the exercise several times to strengthen the neurons and muscles in your brain.

Step 7: Watch for symptoms

Watch for symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, or crashes, which may indicate brain inflammation or dysfunction.

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