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Covid-19 Protocols for Breathing Problems


  • 1) saline solution. Do this first and be come familiar with the machine

  • 2) Add a few drops of the colloidal silver when you can nebulize the saline. You can work your way up to 5ml of silver and no saline solution. (this takes time)

  • 3) Glutathione and 1/2 cap and work up to 3 caps

  • 4) Eucalyptus oil start with one drop (I like 2-6 drops)

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Nebulize Glutathione

Like oxygen, water, and nourishment, glutathione is an essential tripeptide required for life. Made primarily in your liver and found in virtually every human cell, it is the body’s master antioxidant and arguably the most potent barrier against disease, toxin, and mutation. It is likewise a key factor to first-line-of-defense immune response, rebound, and repair. Although critical glutathione levels will lower as we age, depletion can be accelerated by stress, illness, infection, poor diet, alcohol, cigarettes, trauma, and environmental toxins. This depletion can manifest itself in ways that might include impaired nutrient absorption and assimilation, gut, lung, eye, blood, skin, and brain issues, keloid scarring, mitochondrial stress for lower energy output, DNA mutation, mass oxidation, and free radical overload (1). Theranaturals Reduced L-Glutathione Plus™ is engineered for enhanced absorption and potency with ultra purity USP grade glutathione and sodium bicarbonate. We do not use fillers, excipients, or flow agents. Naturally support optimal cellular function and immune response with Reduced L-Glutathione Plus™. Live life, Breathe easy, Enjoy!

Top Uses:

  • Skin whitening

  • Lung

  • Brain

  • Detox

How to prepare:

Break capsule open and empty content into container or nebulizer cup. Add 1-3 ml (~1/2 tsp) distilled or DI water or pure saline solution. Let stand or agitate briefly until the solution is perfectly clear. It’s now ready to use.

Note: When mixed with distilled or DI water or saline solution, Reduced L-Glutathione Plus™ becomes isotonic, making it comfortably ideal for lung, nasal, and other soft tissue contact.

TIPS: The capsules should separate easily by gently squeezing on the larger portion and twisting. If you have trouble gripping the capsule in your fingers, a tablet cutter or straight razor can be helpful. Add powder into nebulizer cup before liquids.

Nebulizers: We do not recommend the use of heat-based vaporizers or any enhanced high-pressure nebulizers with this product – Doctors have reported mixed results such as GSH breakdown and clogging. Doctors have reported the best results using a nebulizer with a maximum pressure rating of 32psi (+/- 5) and operating pressure of ~16psi. Doctors have also reported positive results with non-heat-based mesh/ultrasonic nebulizers; however, these require special cleaning and maintenance procedures. Ask your doctor for a recommendation.

Warning:e. Consult with your doctor first before supplementation.

Nebulized Silver

You may also benefit from nebulizing colloidal or nano silver for respiratory issues. A 2008 study published in the Journal of Royal Society of Medicine has found that

colloidal silver may be beneficial for lung health (14). A 2021 animal study published in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science has found that colloidal silver may be helpful for respiratory bacterial infections (15).

Follow these directions for nebulizing with colloidal silver:

  • Fill the medicine cup of your nebulizer with a non-diluted nanosilver up to the 2 ml mark.


1 Comment

Jan 03, 2022

For decades I have simply boiled up 2 cups of water and added several drops each of Oregano EO and Melaleuca oil and breathed the vapors for 5 minutes at a time, several times a day. It has cured countless episodes of sinus and bronchial infection, pneumonia and asthma. We did this when one person in our household tested positive for COVID. It worked like a charm.

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