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Are you cold all the time? You may have poor circulation. 🧊

You May Have Poor Circulation (How to Find Out!)

Poor circulation is one of the “low-hanging fruits,” or basic principles that we need to check in order to find out what is causing your health issues.

Poor circulation can cause problems such as brain fog, fatigue, or neuropathy. Checking your circulation is very easy to do at home. Here is how you can check your circulation at home!

For this exercise you will need an infrared thermometer that will check your skin’s temperature. These are widely available for around $15 on Amazon.

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You want to use this thermometer to check your temperature all around your body. There should be no more than a difference of 10°F all around your body.

If you check your temperature at your head and get a reading of 90°F, but the reading at your elbow says 80°F, that means you have heat differences around your body. This indicates a problem with circulation.

If I check my knee and foot and see a large difference, then we have identified an area of the body that has poor circulation. We can then take this information and move on to a treatment plan.

This is very easy to test at home. Testing yourself can save you the time and money of visiting a doctor’s office just to find out this same information. Testing these easy, basic principles can help identify needs to improve your overall health.


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