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Key Focus:

  • The protocol aims to address the root cause of prostatitis and enhance the body's healing capacity.

  • Dr. Hugh emphasizes the inadequacy of relying solely on antibiotics and proposes a more comprehensive approach.

Understanding Prostatitis:

  • Chronic bacterial or viral infections and biofilms contribute to prostatitis.

  • Biofilms are likened to glue in the body, harboring bacteria, parasites, heavy metals, and mold.

Treatment Approach:

  1. Client Engagement Duration: Typically ranges from three to eight months.

  2. Root Cause Analysis: Described as peeling an onion's layers to understand and address the core issue.

  3. Immune System Focus: Analogy of a tipsy immune system seeing multiple images, indicating the need to "sober up" the immune response.

Key Components of the Protocol:

  • Blood Pressure and Pulse Monitoring: Keeping a journal to track these vital signs.

  • Dietary Changes: Identifying and eliminating pro-inflammatory foods.

  • Epsom Salt Baths: Utilizing magnesium for bodily absorption.

  • Chi Machine Use: Promotes blood flow and lymph circulation, beneficial for those unable to exercise.

  • Nutrient Intake: Emphasizing the importance of drinking nutrients throughout the day.

  • Gut Health: Implementing gut repair strategies for optimal bowel function.

  • Fish Oil Supplementation: Critical for cellular detoxification and nutrient absorption in the prostate.

  • Blood Sugar Management: Maintaining levels between 85 and 120, regardless of food intake.

  • Customized Plans: Tailoring treatment based on individual needs and conditions.

Advanced Treatments:

  • Methylene Blue and Red Light Therapy: Implemented towards the end of the treatment after addressing more fundamental issues.

Consultation and Follow-Up:

  • Dr. Hugh offers Zoom consultations to discuss individual cases and strategize personalized treatment plans.

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