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Ultimate Carnivore Protein Shake | Perfect Blend of Protein, Carbs, and Healthy Fats

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  1. Pure Paleo Protein: Each scoop has 21 grams of protein from hydrolyzed beef. It's not whey or pea protein; it's actual beef. I add two scoops for a total of 42 grams of protein.

  2. Quaker Oats: For carbs and energy.

  3. Arctic Cod Liver Oil: Two tablespoons for healthy fats.

  4. Body Bio Phosphatidylcholine: Essential for cell membranes and brain function.

  5. Udo's Oil Blend: Contains omega fatty acids 3, 6, and 9.

  6. DHA: A type of fat from fish oil, crucial for brain health.


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