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Mystery case solved with addressing the low handing fruit for her healing!

Mystery Case Solved With The Correct Approach

If you are suffering from a mysterious medical condition that has been difficult to diagnose, then this may be the article for you.

What follows is an example of a client. It is important to note that this example is a fictional person, but these symptoms are extremely common in the patients I work with every day, and may even sound like symptoms you are experiencing yourself.

Let’s say we have a female patient who is:

- 45 years old

- Premenopausal

- Has both low blood pressure and low blood sugar

- Low levels of iron and thyroid functions

- GI problems (particularly gas, bloating, and constipation)

- Low levels of vitamin D

- Gluten sensitivity

- Difficulty remaining asleep

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What Does Not Work for This Client

The conventional system will see she is premenopausal and fatigued, and say she must be depressed. They then prescribe an antidepressant.

Next, they look at her GI problems and say it must be GERD. They give her a medication meant to reduce the amount of stomach problems, which only messes with her system even more.

Once they identify her sleeping problems, they may even add a third medication to help her sleep at night.

The process goes on and on, and soon she is pumping herself full of medications.

There is a better way.

Functional Medicine’s Approach

I would tell this client they are not crazy, that these symptoms are real, but that we can treat them as naturally as possible. The goal is not to fill them with medications, but is to increase their God-given ability to heal.

First we would run some labs to see what different readings we have. These labs often can tell us a lot more about what may be causing some of these problems. For example, she may have deficiencies or excess amounts of some nutrients which are affecting her thyroid, sleep, or blood pressure.

Speaking of which, I would immediately check blood pressure. A lot of women who come to me end up having low blood pressure. Because blood pressure is what causes nutrients to enter into your cells all over your body, if we don’t address the blood pressure, then nothing else we do will have much effect.

Next I would look at blood glucose levels over time. It is very simple and affordable to do, and we can find that she has poor sugar regulation throughout her day.

Once we find your low iron levels I would ask her about fatigue and if she has heavy menstrual cycles. She may be losing enough blood to throw off her body’s ability to regulate iron. It may also be diet related. Iron delivers oxygen to the body, so low iron will cause a lot of different problems.

Next is the thyroid.

The conventional system only does the cheapest labs available for your thyroid. On the other hand, we have found that you have an autoimmune disease against your thyroid. That would lead us down an entirely different path of treatment as well.

With vitamin D, the typically acceptable range is 30-100. Anywhere in there, the conventional system will tell you that you are fine. I like to see you closer to 80, so we add vitamin D to your diet.

We also look at your food sensitivities to address your gluten and GI problems. It is likely that your diet has not been really looked at for more than a few minutes. We take your diet and make some changes to help you get the proper nutrients you need, and avoid sensitivities.

In the process of fixing these issues, you find out that your sleep is fixed without any extra treatment.

The Final Word

You were designed to heal properly on your own. In the vast majority of cases, your body is capable of fixing itself. It is simply a matter of what lifestyle changes you need to make in order to allow your body to function properly.

Functional medicine is just that: functional. The goal is to find what is not working properly in your system, and help it get back to proper function. We do this with a completely individualized treatment plan made especially for you and your case.

If you are suffering from some kind of problem, and you are having problems properly diagnosing or treating it, reach out to me. We will work together and find the solution your body needs to get well again.