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blueprint for getting healthy with pricing and plan options

Program Options

  1. Blueprint for Total Health Turnaround (One-on-one guided program):

    • Duration: 5 months.

    • Custom tailored plans, not generic.

    • Developed based on:

      • Submitted paperwork.

      • Zoom/phone call discussions.

      • Laboratory tests.

    • Cost: $1997 (excluding labs).

    • Features:

      • Zoom calls or phone calls.

      • Email access.

    • Note on labs: Labs are charged at cost. Insurance might not cover all tests, and they could be more expensive through insurance.

    • Focus initially on basic bloodwork for maximum benefits.

    • Potential tests: Mold, food sensitivities, GI panel, stool panel, etc.

  2. 28 Days to a New You Course:

    • Duration: 4 weeks.

    • Designed to combat inflammation.

    • Cost: $297 (minus $47 from the discovery call if purchased within 48 hours).

    • Features:

      • Comprehensive content on reducing inflammation.

      • Weekly structured modules with videos, notes, and podcasts.

      • Topics include blood sugar stabilization, blood pressure management, sleep strategies, gut inflammation, magnesium protocol, and more.


Program Journey

  1. Discovery Call:

    • Initial evaluation to determine if the program is right for you.

  2. Custom Plan Delivery:

    • A specific plan delivered within 48 hours based on individual needs.

  3. Second Zoom/Phone Call:

    • Scheduled within 14 days.

    • Discussion of homework, basic protocols, bloodwork review, and questions.

    • Lays down the consistent game plan.

  4. Follow-up Zoom Calls:

    • Every 2 to 4 weeks.

    • Planning, Q&A, and modification of protocols.

    • Utilizes screen recording for clear guidance.

  5. Email Support:

    • Questions are answered typically within 24 hours.

    • Responses might include specific video pointers or other resources.


Final Thoughts

  • The one-on-one guided program offers direct access to Dr. Hue's expertise and guidance.

  • While the course is beneficial, individuals with complicated cases might benefit more from a tailored one-on-one approach.

  • The aim is to guide each individual according to their specific needs and physiology for optimal health.

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